Kun-ghur: Tales from the Last City of Man

YEAR: 2016

Kun-ghur the mighty barbarian is the powerhouse defender of Etorea, the Last City of Man! Armed with his ancient weapon Babastyx, Kun-ghur has inspired a new generation of heroes to rise up to stop the evil Purplex from crushing the entire world.

In Tales from the Last City of Man, a disguised Kunghur meets Key, a street urchin. Living in a city besieged by evil, Key has to bring the legends of Kunghur's adventures to life with his own hand-stitched toys. And the legends that Key hears are amazing! Could any hero really be this powerful? Kunghur has to live up to his own reputation to keep a boy's hopes alive.

Story by Emmet O'Cuana. Art by Dan Gilmore.

Kunghur | Tales from the Last City of Man is available in three formats - retail edition, special newsprint edition, and digital.

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