Kun-ghur: Kuma's Hero

YEAR: 2018

Kuma’s Hero
Seven-year-old Kuma loves his hero Kun-ghur more than his own father. While Kun-ghur is away on a mission with Skylark, Kuma gets so desperate for news that he starts missing important events closer to home.
And what's up with his dad? In between medical episodes, Kehar is crafting a mysterious project in the backyard...

A mighty barbarian from distant badlands, Kun-ghur has come to Etorea City to stop the evil Purplex! Armed with his weapon Babastyx, Kun-ghur might be the only person who can save the world!

Kun-ghur: Kuma's Hero is a YA family drama set in a fantastic world brimming with legendary heroes and nefarious villains.
ISBN: 978-0-9943990-2-1

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