Shell #2 revealed


A sequel to the intensely autobiographical SHELL has been announced for January 20, 2016. The first SHELL book, An Autobiography About Turtles, explored the questions and emotions that you ask yourself as a relationship crumbles - set against a backdrop of loggerhead turtles hatching and plunging…

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Recap: Supanova 2015


Just quickly, let’s explain that photograph - my convention pal Janet makes super cool stuff. We were chatting about some of her new products, she asked if I like Thor (YES!) , then bounded off. She brought me back a Penjolnir! There’s a Sharpie texta inside the handle! I checked out…

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Interview: The Comic Collection

Stacks of The Comic Collection boxes and sample contents

You know what’s awesome about your local comic book store? Everything. You know what’s less awesome? Having to put on pants to be seen in public. The Comic Collection solves this first world problem by delivering comics right to your door! Now only your postman might have to see your…

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How to unplug and recharge


Today was a rough day. Getting hammered by anxiety is a poor way to enjoy an afternoon. Sliding into depressive behaviours is a lousy way to spend a month. But hey, you know what’s better than feeling bad? Feeling good. Let’s aim for feeling good. Surely it’s far better to focus…

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Shell - now on Comixology


Shell is now available on the world’s biggest online comic store, Comixology! It’s an autobiography about turtles. It tells the story of five friends who head north to watch baby turtles hatch, and all of the impossibly difficult questions you ask yourself when you feel like a…

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Drawing equipment. Not shown: Underpants


Super freakin’ excited - our second 24 Hour Comics Challenge for the year starts in the morning! It’s an absolutely balmy challenge - 24 finished pages of story and art. My intention is to draw a second SHELL story. It’s time to exorcise two periods in my life which I’ve…

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