Shell #2 revealed

A sequel to the intensely autobiographical SHELL has been announced for January 20, 2016.

The first SHELL book, An Autobiography About Turtles, explored the questions and emotions that you ask yourself as a relationship crumbles - set against a backdrop of loggerhead turtles hatching and plunging head-first into a perilous 25-year journey.

The new book is titled An Autobiography of Relinquished Romances, and it delves into the agonies around being forced to choose between desire and belief - set against a background of an African safari.


“It’s an unexpected sequel,” Dan explains. “The first SHELL told its story, and I didn’t expect it to be revisited. The new book is a spiritual successor. It draws a thread of understanding through several key moments in my life, and tells a tale that I hope readers will find personal and ultimately optimistic.

“It builds on the visual language of the first book. I’ve continued the use of the striking and simple colour palette, but widened its scope to communicate time periods. It unites both books on a fundamental level.”

An Autobiography of Relinquished Romances is available now.

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