I’m chatting with Brisbane-based comics writer Henry Goeldner. His warrior fantasy brawl Killer-of-Men depicts a world rife with ego, vice and caprice. Hey, that world seems oddly familiar... We ch... Read more

Some of these panels have been working out so nicely. Read more

Gladly, I have a handful of hours today to ignore the world and do some creating. Last Sunday was good. I spent some time alone, then my friend Sarah joined ... Read more

Exploring the supporting characters and some key locations for the new book... Read more

Here's the thing - doing a model sheet for your characters is like eating your vegetables as a kid. You know they're allegedly apparently important, because your parents keep hounding ... Read more

Experimenting with Clip Studio Pro. It has some nice brushes, and the 3D modelling tools have been a colossal benefit for my anatomy work. Stan Prokopenko might be horrified to ... Read more

DC Universe: Rebirth | Johns, Frank, Jimenez, Van Sciver DC A triumphant opening to arguably the most important event in DC's history. It's no secret the major comics publisher has been ... Read more

Still working on the design of Kun-ghur's uniform. Read more

Patience | Clowes | 2016 Fantagraphics Love. When we find love, we hold on to it dearly. It's a near-universal theme of the human condition. So when love is the only thing precious ... Read more

April 28th, 2016

Tinkering with the design of Kun-ghur's uniform... Read more

April 21st, 2016

It's been a quiet month in Sodaville while some big plans are put in motion. Massive plans. The first draft of the new Kun-ghur book was completed, but I'm taking ... Read more