Drawing equipment. Not shown: Underpants

Super freakin’ excited - our second 24 Hour Comics Challenge for the year starts in the morning! It’s an absolutely balmy challenge - 24 finished pages of story and art.

My intention is to draw a second SHELL story. It’s time to exorcise two periods in my life which I’ve never been able to channel creatively before. And this time around, it’s likely to feature hippopotamuses instead of turtles. And sex. But not sex with hippopotamuses.

Anyway, tonight - it’s time to prepare.


  • Cintiq Companion and power cord - check
  • Keyboard - Apple
  • External hard drive - full of songs
  • Pencil - an off-brand mechanical pencil running 2B graphite leads
  • Pens - for scribbling notes and thumbnails
  • Sketch book - it’s right there on the cover
  • iPad - never underestimate the value of a second screen

Not shown:

  • Apples
  • Two boxes of museli bars
  • Extra pair of clean underpants
  • Extra pair of clean socks
  • Deodorant
  • Beanie
  • Blanket
  • Wi-fi dongle thingy
  • Thor toy
  • Wallet, keys
  • A clue
  • The 170 litres of coffee which will be consumed over the 24 hours. I take a latte with one sugar, by the way

Okay. We’re all good to go. Sleep would be a sensible thing to do now. Naaaahhhhhh…
Let me leave you with the greatest moment in all of The Mighty Thor’s long history -



Things to remember for next time:

  1. Fresh T-shirt
  2. Instructions on how to work the goddamn air-conditioning once it shuts down at 8pm. Blurrrgh